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Innovation. Expertise. Results.

Established in 1986 by Grant Cameron, GCA Lawyers (formerly Grant Cameron Associates) is a nationally recognised legal boutique in Christchurch. Its reputation is founded upon results achieved, often in the most difficult of circumstances. Such outcomes are attributable to the blended application of strategic, legal and innovation skills.

Although a lawyer’s fundamental contributions to the client relationship are competence, integrity and sound judgment, GCA Lawyers believes more is required in a world of accelerating change. In applying an innovative perspective to client needs, the firm consistently delivers desired results and value.

The Christchurch firm has a solid track record of ‘thinking outside the square’ and of producing results where others couldn’t.

Visit the Southern Response Class Action website for information about our class action on behalf of Southern Response policyholders.

Latest Blog Entry

Southern Response Class Action - Is your home really a 'repair'?

After the Christchurch earthquake four years ago, the foundations of your house were put out of whack (not hard to believe, we know). Your house still has a roof and four walls (cracked and crooked), but your doors don’t shut (or won’t open again!), your windows rattle and your floorboards are lumpy. Southern Response deemed your house a repair because it still has four walls and a roof. It seems Southern Response wants to put some putty in your window seals, replace the hinges on your doors, paint over the cracks in your walls and call it a repair. 

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